Member’s Interests

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Members Interests

The Code of Good Practice for DSFBs sets out a number of provisions relating to the general conduct of board members. All members must first and foremost act in the interest of the Board’s remit and any personal or professional conflict of interest must be declared at the outset.

Section 20 of the Aquaculture and Fisheries (Scotland) Act 2013, amends the 2003 Act to place a number of new duties on DSFBs relating to openness and accountability. The new section 46E requires a DSFB to maintain and review arrangements for registering and declaring the relevant financial interests of board members.

The register of member’s relevant financial interests must be made available for public inspection. In line with our policy to be as open as possible about the way we conduct our business, the latest version of the Ness Board’s Register of Interests can be found at the link below:

Register of Members Interests Version 5.0 – 12/01/23


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