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Salmon and Sea Trout

The official statutory season for salmon and migratory trout (sea trout) fishing on the Ness system runs from the 15th January to 15th October. However, as a voluntary conservation measure the start of fishing on the River Ness has been delayed until February 1, with the last day of fishing above Dochfour weir on the 30th September.

Please note that it is a criminal offence to fish for salmon or sea trout without the legal right or without written permission from the owner of the right. This includes any waters (rivers, lochs, canals, estuaries and the coast) within 1.5 kilometres of mean low water springs.

Brown Trout


A typical brown trout (Chris Conroy)

The statutory season for non-migratory (brown) trout in all inland waters extends from the 15th March to the 6th October inclusive. Any person who fishes for or takes in any inland waters, or is in possession of trout during the annual close time shall be guilty of an offence.

Please note that the rights of riparian owners (who own the fishing rights for trout and other freshwater fish) are protected by principles of civil law. No one (even if lawfully on the bank of a river or loch under a right of access) has an implied right to fish there. Fishing is only available to the owner of a fishery or with their written permission.

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